How To Verify YouTube Channel Step By Step [2023]

YouTube verification – Verify account

How to verify YouTube channel. Verification on YouTube is not a mandatory attribute. However, when passing identification, many useful functions open up. Now we will understand this topic in more detail.

How to verify a YouTube account on a computer in 2020?

It’s not difficult at all. The process will take no more than 5 minutes to complete.

How to verify YouTube channel on the Computer – Through the creative studio

Still on how to verify YouTube channel, please note that in 2020 YouTube Creator Studio has been updated. Therefore, most of the instructions on the Internet have become irrelevant. But not in this case!

  1. We go to the official website of YouTube from a PC.
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the channel icon.
  3. In the drop-down list, you need to find the item “ My channel ”.
  4. In a new window, we find the button “ YouTube Creative Studio ” (finding this button is not difficult. It stands out among the entire site – in blue ).
  5. Waiting for a new window to open.
  6. On the left side of the screen is a column with various items. Among this list, we find the section “ Settings ” and click on it.
  7. The account settings menu opens. Here we go to the “ Channel ” tab.
  8. At the top of the window there are settings sub-items. We scroll a little to the right and see in front of us “ Availability of functions ”.
  9. We click on “ Functions ”, to access which you need to confirm the phone number”.
  10. Next, click on “ Confirmed phone number ”.

Ready!   We went to “Account Confirmation”. It remains only to activate your account!

  1. Choose the country where you are.
  2. Then choose a convenient way to receive the code.

With SMS code. In this case, a message will be sent to the specified phone, in which a code consisting of 6 digits is indicated. After you have received this password, you need to enter it in a special field.

With a call. Literally in half a minute, a call from Google will be made to the phone specified during verification. After answering it, you will hear the voice of the robot, which will tell you your code.

Via phone – Instruction

  • For this: We go to the browser.
  • Then, repeat the process of providing your phone number and password. How to do this, we told in the paragraph about the computer.

How to activate profile on TV?

At the moment, such a function on Smart TV is not provided. And you can’t do without a phone or a computer. On the other hand, this is correct. After all, YouTube on a TV is needed only for viewing content, and not for creating it.

 Without Phone

Is it possible to verify an account without a phone?

Unfortunately no. YouTube does not allow you to identify yourself otherwise.

If it doesn’t work?

What to do if you can’t activate the “acc” because the password does not come to the phone?

This happens for several reasons:

  1. In some countries there is a ban on receiving SMS messages. To solve the problem, simply select “by phone number” during verification.
  2. For one phone number, you can only confirm 2 accounts on YouTube. If you have already activated profiles before, then change the number.
  3. The message may come later. This is because the networks of operators are overloaded. Click the “Send Code Again” button.
  4. Invalid phone number entered. Carefully review if you made a mistake by entering incorrect data.

Difference between activated:

What does a verified youtube channel mean? And what is the advantage of an activated account?

An activated profile gives several privileges when compared with a regular account. It can be compared with licensed and unlicensed OS. If the system is not activated, you can also continue to use the computer.

But so, some of the functions will be inaccessible to you. What can not be said about the “license”? Video hosting also needs account confirmation. Otherwise, the quality of content on the service will become much worse. The amount of spam will increase many times, and YouTube may lose its users.


So what are the advantages of a “licensed” account?

  1. You can upload videos longer than 15 minutes. This is an important option for channels that have vlogs. To be able to tell everything in such a short period, you need to cut some fragments of the video. And this will lead to a deterioration in the quality of the content.
  2. The ability to use the built-in video editor on YouTube. An equally important point. This editor has all the necessary features and effects for both the beginner and professional blogger.
  3. Channel monetization. When trying to start receiving income from the channel, this item is required. Adding or changing preview images on videos. Since this is a key attribute that affects the clickability of the video, the function will not be superfluous.
  4. Possibility to use the option of closed access or limited access to video. Private access means that you can upload a video, but it will not be published. And you can watch a video with limited access only by clicking on the link (you can’t find the video in the search).
  5. Streams. With an activated profile, you can broadcast live on the YouTube channel.
  6. Annotations and tips on other resources. If you often post videos on other services (for example, on your website), while leaving the player from YouTube, then you should go through channel verification.
  7. More successful promotion. For verified channels, YouTube algorithms are better. Therefore, many popular YouTubers have long passed this stage.

Check mark

How to get a tick next to the channel name?

Well, first, let’s figure it out, but what does this check mark mean?

There are a lot of popular personalities on video hosting. Their fans start channels with an identical name, as well as with a similar picture. As a result, dozens of identical channels appear on the service. And it is difficult for ordinary YouTube users to determine which one is not a fake. For such cases, this icon was invented.

How to get it?

The channel must have at least 100,000 subscribers.

This is the key condition. After reaching this milestone, the user can write to the support service. Operators may ask him for various identification data. For example, a passport.

If a blogger often violates the rules set by the site, then this badge can be “taken away”. You can follow the scale of violations in the YouTube creative studio. The other side of how to verify YouTube channel.

Fact! Sometimes on how to verify YouTube channel, technical support employees make an exception, and such a “tick” can be obtained if the channel has less than one hundred thousand subscribers. This usually happens if the person is popular outside of the video hosting.

If you learned something new and interesting about how to verify YouTube channel, then write about it in the comments. You can also comment on the topic of this article and point out what we missed! Do you think the account should be verified?

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