How To Turn Off Game Booster On Mobile Phone [2023]

How to disable and remove Game Booster

Stressed about how to turn off Game Booster? Game Booster is a small utility with which you can increase the performance of your smartphone when running games and other graphical applications (using both CPU and GPU). It increases the priority of the executable process, allocating it to the maximum available RAM, as well as the resources of the processor, and graphics accelerator.

How to use the program, and what are its main features? What result can be expected when using it?

What is Game Booster

One of the key differences between Android as an operating system is the use of the so-called “governor”. These are special algorithms that distribute device resources in such a way as to guarantee economical battery consumption and equally provide access to the processor, RAM, and a graphics accelerator to all running processes (both system and user).

It is due to this very algorithm that the CPU frequency is constantly changing, some of the cores are periodically turned off. The device only works at 70-80% of its potential maximum performance.

Game Boosters allows you to bypass the restrictions from the “governor” and temporarily increase its power (during the launch of the game). What does it give? Depending on the device, you can get between 20 and 40% performance gains (and a similar increase in frame rate).

At the same time, the utility unloads unused programs from the RAM, which allows you to get an additional 200 – 1000 megabytes of RAM (speeds up loading, and reduces the number of “freezes”).

Can a smartphone overheat while using Game Booster? Firstly, the developers have provided the ability to display the plug-in indicating the current heating of the device (both the battery and the processor itself). Secondly, an algorithm for protection against possible overheating is integrated into Android of all editions (the function is better known as “throttling”). You can download Game Booster on our website.

How to use Game Booster

After launching the application, the user will need to the following on how to turn off Game Booster:

  • Provide all permissions for the program to work (this is necessary to collect statistics and be able to change the device’s power-saving settings);
  • Add to the list of games, upon launch of which acceleration will work;
  • Run any of the games installed on the device.

There are 2 additional functions available in the settings. Simplified aim control, but it does not work in all games. As well as the FPS indicator. When the game is running, it shows the current frame rate. Allows you to choose the optimal graphics settings for the best gaming experience (it is recommended to stick to FPS 30+).

Also in the settings section, you can find out additional information about the device (exact model, processor, graphics accelerator, amount of RAM, free RAM, battery data).

The app also adds a “Game Launcher” shortcut. This is a folder for quickly launching programs with automatic acceleration.

The developers also recommend that when using “Game Booster” in the device settings, enable the use of “game” drivers. This feature is only present if you have Android 10 and a processor from Snapdragon. This will allow you to additionally get an increase of up to 15 – 20% in modern games. The inclusion of “game” drivers is performed in the “For Developers” section. This causes instability in some games!

How to disable Game Booster priority mode

How to turn off Game Booster? To do this, just open the application and disable the “Auto Boost” item. The next time you start the game, the acceleration settings will not be applied. The FPS counter will also disappear, and the processor operation algorithm will be as it was set by the manufacturer.

How to turn off Game Booster

Uninstalling an application is done in the same way as any other program. It is enough to go to the “Applications” section, select the necessary one, and then – “Delete”.

In total, “Game Booster” should be tried by the owner of not very powerful devices, but who wants to play all new games with medium or high graphics settings. One has only to take into account that the use of the utility entails an accelerated discharge of the battery.

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