How To Stop Peel Remote On Your Mobile Phone [2023]

The rise of technology has brought different things like how to stop Peel Remote. Technological possibilities have long exceeded ordinary desires and dreams. Surely many of you remember the feature film called “Click: With Remote Control for Life”, where the amazing comedian Adam Sandler played the leading role.

The main meaning of this film about how to stop Peel Remote was that the main character gets at his disposal a remote control that can stop time and control everything. Given the current development of technology, it should not be ruled out that in the distant future, these ideas will find their implementation, despite what official science says. But this is not directly related to the topic of this article.

As you can see from the title of the article on how to stop Peel Remote, the Peel Remote program is subject to analysis, which turns your mobile gadget into a full-fledged IR remote control that allows you to control any available equipment from the smartphone/tablet screen.

And in this case, the previously mentioned title “Click: with a remote control for life” takes on new colors. And what exactly the program can do and what devices it supports, and will be discussed further.

Functionality and compatibility

The first step is to answer the main question, how to stop Peel Remote? It concerns what the presented program called Peel Me Remote is for. The answer to it will let the user understand whether he needs this software or not.

So, “Peel Remote” is a program available for devices on the Android operating system, which uses the infrared port built into the smartphone to take on a functional conventional television or any other functional remote control. The full name of the application in question is “Peel Smart Remote”, and, as the developers themselves assure, it is a “revolution in the field of home entertainment.”

Perhaps, we can partly agree with this on how to stop Peel Remote, and more than 100,000,000 people who have installed this software have already agreed. Of course, for obvious reasons, the such remote control is functionally inferior to its older brother or, as it is more appropriate to say in this case, grandfather and carries only the basic switching functions.

The following set of options is available for each user on how to stop Peel Remote:

  • Control of any household appliances that have an appropriate IR receiver in their structure (TVs, smart kettles and heaters, DVD players, air conditioners, etc.);
  • Based on the collected information about the viewed content, the application generates a recommendation short list of the most interesting (from the application’s point of view) programs;
  • Setting reminders for calendar events, which allows you not to miss your favorite TV show or movie;
  • Flexible customization of a personal TV program with an abundance of sorting tools.

As can be seen from the above, the application is tailored specifically for Smart TVs, even though it conditionally supports most home appliances.

Of course, the realities are less rosy than the developers themselves promise. The list of supported devices cannot be limited, since support is selective, that is, this “remote control” can recognize an old LCD TV, but at the same time it can ignore a modern TV.

Advantages and disadvantages

“Peel Smart Remote” in the “Google Play” store has not had the best average score of “4.0” with 712.000 ratings. First of all, this is because the application carries a huge amount of built-in advertising, which appears even when the application is inactive.

This minus can be attributed to the fact that almost all shareware projects sin with such abuse, and television broadcasting itself is simply crammed with advertising, and in addition, for a small fee, you can get rid of this misunderstanding.

The second significant disadvantage is the lack of full-fledged optimization for some smartphone models, which leads to abundant battery consumption. It is worth clarifying that such a nuance as the need for an Internet connection cannot be called some kind of negative point, since it is difficult to assume that developers could put the entire technical base of supported equipment in 19 MB.

And taking into account that at present, at least, large cities have an almost complete coverage area, there should be no problems connecting to the developers’ servers.


Of course how to stop Peel Remote, if the home appliances you have are supported by the application in question, then Peel Smart Remote can be an indispensable project for you. All of the above functions work properly, and given the ability to actively view streaming broadcasts directly on a smartphone a mobile device is developing into an analog of a full-fledged TV.

But the maximum effect of using the “Peel Smart Remote” will be noticeable only after its long-term use. After a few months of active browsing, the app will gather enough information about your preferences that it may seem like it’s just reading your mind.

Bottom line: useful, convenient, and extremely interesting, despite all the negative sides.

How to uninstall a program

Objectively, not all users like the balance between advantages and disadvantages. This makes you wonder how to uninstall Peel Remote from your smartphone or tablet.

Fortunately, there is nothing complicated in this procedure, and therefore every user can delete the application.

Everyone’s reasons for deciding to leave are different. But in most cases, we are talking about the problem of copious amounts of advertising. She shows up all the time. Plus, some software crashes and hangs. Also, some users have noticed that the application eats up a lot of system resources.

One way or another, a logical question arises about how to remove the application from the mobile device – the Peel Remote control.

To do this, perform the following operations:

  • Open the device settings;
  • Go to the “Applications” section or the “Application Manager”;
  • A list will appear in which you need to find already unnecessary software;
  • Open the application;
  • The “Delete” button will appear in the window;
  • Tap on this button;
  • Confirm your intention to delete the application;
  • Wait for the uninstall process to finish.

This completes the shutdown. Now you can look for alternative software, or go to the standard way to control your TV.

There are alternative options for how to disable the Peel Remote application on a mobile gadget. To do this, users are encouraged to use third-party programs designed to remove software, garbage, clean the registry, cache, and more.

Practice shows that after you disable the Peel Remote software, that is, completely remove it from your gadget, the utility leaves almost no traces after itself. This can be verified by performing a manual check, or by using special programs for cleaning up garbage on mobile devices.


In conclusion on how to stop Peel Remote, it should be clarified that the Peel Smart Remote application is uninstalled like any other software. It is enough to find the icon on the desktop and, using a long tap, move it to the “Trash”. Or you can do it the old-fashioned way through Settings.

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