How To Get Rid Of Peel Smart Remote On Mobile Phone [2023]

How to uninstall Peel Remote

How to get rid of Peel Smart Remote. Peel Remote is an application that allows you to use your phone as a remote control or remote control. But because of this, your device is constantly flooded with annoying ads and you want to uninstall the app once and for all? Have you noticed that this application is pre-installed on your Samsung mobile phone and cannot be disabled?

In today’s tutorial, I will explain how to uninstall Peel Remote. If you are interested, I will tell you how to do it if you have installed the app from the Play Store or if you have a Samsung mobile phone with the Peel Remote app pre-installed. This way you will get rid of all the problems caused by the application.

How to get rid of Peel Smart Remote step by step

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to uninstall Peel Remote, I think you will be interested in learning more about the application.

Peel Remote, También Llamado Peel Smart Remote, is an application that allows you to use mobile phone sensors (such as infrared) so that the latter can control the TV, just like un remote control.

Therefore, we are talking about a useful application that has always worked well for several years. No wonder it has been downloaded by millions of Android users through the Play Store.

However, in 2019, several experts expressed some doubts about the security of the Peel Smart Remote. After analyzing the application code, computer security company Pradeo accused Peel Smart Remote of collecting sensitive user data (such as images) and sending them to remote servers that have nothing to do with the developers.

For this reason, in June 2019, the app was removed from the Play Store and therefore can no longer be downloaded from the Google Digital Store. Peel Smart Remote was downloaded more than 100 million times before being removed, and it has long been pre-installed on some Samsung mobile phone models.

How to uninstall Peel Remote

After explaining how to get rid of Peel Smart Remote, I would say that you are ready to proceed with uninstalling the app.

If you have installed Peel Smart Remote from the Play Store all you have to do is hold down the app icon drag it to uninstall present in the top right corner (or to the trash ) and select the item accept in the box that is offered to you.

This procedure on how to get rid of Peel Smart Remote may vary slightly depending on your mobile phone model and the launcher you are using.

You can also uninstall Peel Remote from Android settings – to do this, click the gear icon present on the main screen of the mobile phone or in the application drawer and select the item Application / Manage Applications.

Now select the Peel Smart Remote icon and press the REMOVE button. Great, now you just have to press accept, and finally, you have uninstalled the app.

If you have a Samsung mobile phone that has the app pre-installed, the only way to completely uninstall Peel Smart Remote is to go to the root directory (root) or get administrator permission.

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This is a complex procedure that can also void the warranty or damage the mobile phone software. For this reason, I advise against this method, since in any case, Peel Smart Remote is a simple application that can be disabled in the system settings, as we will see in the next chapter.

How to disable Peel Remote

How to get rid of Peel Smart Remote from your Samsung mobile phone but it is not rooted? Don’t worry, there is a way to do it – I’ll explain it to you right away.

To continue, open your mobile phone settings (by clicking on the settings icon) and select Application / Manage Applications.

At this point, select the Peel Smart Remote icon and first press the OFF button, and then in the article DISABLE THE APP.

Great, you have now successfully disabled the Peel Smart Remote and therefore should no longer see the banner ads. Although I remind you that in this way you will not be able to use the application until you activate it, at least you will be protected from any security problems.

Also in this case, the procedure for how to get rid of Peel Smart Remote may differ depending on the device you have.

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