Download Xpadder Bagas31 For Free For PC [2023]

Xpadder Bagas31 is a program for keyboard and mouse emulation by pressing buttons on game controllers in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 (32 and 64 bits). The application supports almost the entire range of gamepads that connect to a computer via a USB connection. The program interface has a translation into Russian.

How to set up Xpadder Bagas31

Most gaming device emulators work in the opposite direction (unlike Xpadder), allowing you to control a joystick game with a mouse and keyboard. The Xpadder Bagas31 application, on the other hand, makes it possible to control any PC game using the USB controller at the user’s disposal – be it an SP / Xbox joystick, a car steering wheel with pedals, or a steering wheel.

How the Xpadder Bagas31 utility works is as follows:

  • The program intercepts the signal (pressing buttons by the user) from the gaming device.
  • According to the user’s settings, the intercepted signal is transformed into pressing the keyboard/mouse buttons or moving the mouse cursor.
  • The game running on the computer receives a command from the keyboard/mouse and executes the corresponding command.

Thus, speaking exclusively about gaming, Xpadder allows you to control any PC game using a joystick, steering wheel, and any other gaming device. Moreover, according to this scheme, you can control not only games but any applications in general – multimedia players, browsers, instant messengers, etc.

If necessary, the user can use his gamepad to control various system functions that can be called up by pressing hotkeys or multimedia keys on the keyboard, for example, adjusting the volume, launching the mail program, calling the “Task Manager” and much more.

Why do you need Xpadder Bagas31?

From the functionality of Xpadder, we note:

  • Convenient control of the program due to the visualization of the process of setting up the gamepad (the screen displays an interactive image of the selected game controller with signed animated buttons).
  • Support for Force Feedback – tactile feedback from the game controller (for example, vibration on the joystick).
  • Support for Bluetooth wireless game controllers.
  • Possibility of keyboard/mouse emulation from 16 gaming devices simultaneously (i.e. support for multiplayer games or control of one game by several players).
  • The ability to create, save and then load an unlimited number of profiles with settings (you can share saved profiles with friends or, conversely, use other people’s profiles on your computer).
  • The ability to create global hot buttons to control any programs running in the background through gaming devices.

In addition to gamepads,  the Xpadder Bagas31 program also supports all kinds of rhythm controllers (simulators of musical instruments – drums, guitars, etc.), dance platforms (dance pads), and other specialized gaming and entertainment USB devices.

Download Xpadder bagas31

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