Download Microsoft Office 2016 Getinto PC For Free [2023]

So my hands got to Microsoft Office 2016 getinto PC, if someone is not ready to read the description, who already knows what it is about, you can immediately download the product for free in full news. For the rest, I want to inform you that this is no longer the office 2010 version that I am used to, for example, now Microsoft is showing all its developments and novelties, and the approach to creating documents has become a completely different level.

To a greater extent, this version will allow you to work on documents on different computers, let’s say you started writing a document at home, then went to work, and as a result, you sit at a presentation and show your work from the third computer, now this can be done without problems. You can even make changes to the document from your mobile phone.

According to MS, all the most basic elements have been developed from scratch, and all the proposed components of the office will work great and have the same style, regardless of the platform you work on. You can work with your document from a tablet or phone and you will do it as usual as on a computer, in this, the company has tried and really interacted with documents very easily on any device. I remind you that you can download office 2016 from our website using permanent links, you can do this in the full news. 

Probably many people have a question about what the system requirements should be to run an office. Everything is really modest, it is enough to have a processor with a frequency of 1 GHz, memory from 1 GB or from 2 if you have 64x, the hard drive must be free of at least 3.5 gigabytes, the recommended screen resolution is from 1024 x 576, you can run the office you can on Windows 7/8… Server 2008 R2 and Server 2012.

In addition to the fact that in office professional 2016 you will get a new design in the style of Windows 10 (which not everyone likes, for example, I don’t really like it either, so the 2010 version is still closer, but time goes by and anyway we will all be on this version later, but this is not about that now ), you will also get a few new features.

The first feature of the office is that it is maximally integrated with cloud services, so you can work on your documents from any device, plus you can edit your document by several users at once remotely. The second feature concerns the Outlook email client, now if you send a large weighty letter through it, it will be automatically uploaded to the OneDrive storage just in case. It is worth noting that smart applications have appeared in Microsoft Office 2016 professional.

As part of the Office Professional Plus 2016 package, you will find Access, Excel, InfoPath, OneDrive for business, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Skype for business, and Microsoft Word – all components have a 2016 version. In addition, a tool called Sway has appeared – it will allow you to create presentations with the ability to present information from different types of sources.

You can create a document that will resemble your personal blog or just a magazine, you can add the photos you need for the presentation there, insert videos from the YouTube service, can share direct links to Wikipedia, there are support reading charts from Excel documents. After your work is ready, you can save it on the portal of the same name and then share it with your friends.

Let’s move on to the presented version (at the time of this writing) from the respected Ratiborus, you should not worry about it, since everything works one hundred percent and no major changes have been made. All he did was take the original image of office 2016 and screwed his installer to it, so you can now choose which products you need and which you don’t during installation since in the original version this was simply impossible to do.

Let’s say I don’t need Skype and Outlook, uncheck the boxes and get the result, you shouldn’t worry about activation either, there is an instruction in the archive in which everything is clear, if you have questions after that, you can ask them here or on our forum.

On this, I think I can finish my short review, for myself I decided that I don’t need Microsoft Office 2016 getinto PC yet, there are too many bells and whistles and extras, and I don’t mess around with documents, especially with tables, so the 2010 version is enough for me.

However, modern people who are constantly on the move, who want to work on a document everywhere and even in a group, who want to create cool presentations and share them, work with a cool email client, I think they will appreciate both the capabilities and the user interface of the program, in general, here is such an overview, everyone, thanks again for your attention and thank you…. and I remind you again that just a little bit below, you can download Microsoft Office 2016 getinto PC for free, good luck!

Download Microsoft Office 2016 Getinto PC

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